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    • • Terms of the sale are Visa or MasterCard. We do not accept Cheques or Amex.
      • 20% Buyers Premium will be charged on all sales.
      • All sales are subject to applicable taxes.
      • Cards on file will be charged immediately following the auction, and invoices will be sent via email. Accounts must be settled the day of the auction and before any items may be removed from the premises.

      Additional Removal Info: 
      Removal of items available only upon account having been settled in full on auction day. Kwik is open for pickup Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm. Storage fees will apply for orders over $200 items not picked up by the date listed above. Space is at a premium. Items not removed within the allotted time will immediately be subject to storage. A $40 palletizing fee will be charged as all items must be stored on a pallet.

      Additional Shipping Info: 
      Shipping is available from our location. Please provide local movers with your invoice # and bidder #, and call before they arrive. Please set up shipping for freight with your own carrier and send a bill of lading referencing your invoice # and bidder # to kwikshipping@gmail.com. Call 604-299-4517 Mon-Fri from 9-3 if you need help arranging freight. There is a $40 fee per standard 48"x40" pallet, custom pallets/multiple items will cost $60-$200 per pallet, depending on size and strapping required. Kwik can help you arrange for shipping within the US and Canada only.

      Storage Services: 
      Storage no longer available for invoices totalling less than $200 hammer price (before buyer's premium & taxes.) The cost of storage is $50 per pallet (40" x 48" floor space), per week or portion thereof. Discounts for long term storage rates can be negotiated only in advance with full payment, and on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to arrange for storage, please email kwikshipping@gmail.com or phone 604-299-4517 Mon-Fri from 9-3. If unpaid storage charges reach 25% of purchase price the item(s) will be resold, with the owner receiving 70% of the hammer (sale) price, less accumulated storage charges.